With more than 25 years of experience, SteriTech is a leading manufacturer of hygienic and disinfection solutions.

Serving a broad range of users, starting with healthcare professionals.

Covering medical, dental, commercial and many other applications.

Committed to quality, safety and integrity.

At SteriTech, we protect, because we CARE.

Our Services

In today's high-tech frenetic world, disinfection and sterilization are essential to a wide range of users and industries. To meet the needs of these similar yet varied end users, SteriTech has created six different lines that enable us to reach, support and serve our clients effectively and efficiently while ensuring the high quality expected of a market leader.

Our Lines

  • Sterimed: Serves healthcare facilities
  • Sterident: Serves professionals in dentistry
  • Sterihome: Serves households
  • Steriserve: Serves hospitality sector, agro-food industries and institutions
  • Sterivet: Serves livestock producers and veterinarians
  • Sens Propre: Serves beauticians and cosmetologists

Why choose us.

HOLISTIC approach

We combine all aspects of infection prevention and control through a wide range of customized products, covering all your needs whether at homes, medical facilities, dental & beauty clinics, hospitality venues…


We offer you specific highly advanced products with broad antimicrobial spectrum, that are both effective and economical, in addition to their high safety profile, ensuring users and environment protection.


Our products are manufactured by strict compliance to GMP and ISO 13485 standards, and tested in conformance with european standards for antimicrobial efficacy in european accredited laboratories.

We cover all your needs