About Us


Who Are We

Established in 1996, SteriTech develops, manufactures, and supplies a wide range of medical grade hygienic & disinfecting solutions in conformance with EN standards for disinfectants products. Our new facility based in Lebanon, designed to meet GMP standards is introducing improved manufacturing capacities and advanced technologies. This is fulfilled by strict compliance to highest ISO 13485 standards, certifying both products and environment safety. Worldwide, SteriTech has established 3 manufacturing facilities; based in USA, Lebanon and South Africa, manufacturing and supplying enzymatic & disinfecting products. Serving more than 25 countries, throughout the MENA, Africa, North America, South America and South East Asia countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is a commitment to providing not only efficient and cost-effective products but also tailor-made, safe holistic solutions for a broad range of users and applications. By providing a wide range of products, made highly effective through their unique properties.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to reach and develop close relationships with all end-users whether in medical facilities, dental clinics, homes, hospitality venues, beauty centers and veterinary clinics through our leadership and professionalism.

Quality Policy

SteriTech strongly adheres to the set requirements of our quality system in order to provide traceable highly quality products and peace of mind to our clients. Our new formulation products are tested in European accredited laboratories for anti-microbial efficacy (i.e. Perfectus Biomed Limited, Brill + Dr. Steinmann Institute).

Our Personnel

SteriTech strongly endorses a positive work environment, believing that the added value of any company lies in its people. Our team is a professional, highly trained group of specialists in the fields of Pharmacology, Biomedical Sciences, Nursing, Environmental Health, Healthcare Management, Marketing and Business Development.

Our Customers

SteriTech assures its customers of the highest quality of production along with a wide range of support services including illustrated manuals, on-site training, coaching and client compliance inspections. Serving the most vital sectors, our clients include various institutional, commercial and industrial end-users such as healthcare services, hospitality industry, food and beverage processing plants, institutional buildings, commercial outlets, beauty centers and veterinary facilities.

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